Together with specialised suppliers, subject matter experts and research centers we design and develop specific biomedical applications. First, prototypes are tested during validation missions, using animal cells.

Mission Ark

Our first mission requires a device (Ark) that protects the reproduction cells inside from space radiation, temperature variations and G-forces during launch and re-entry. The cells inside the Ark are kept in cryostage and require a thermo control system. Because the Ark will be the payload inside an independent satellite, we also align orbit selection and satellite and payload designs.

Mission Lotus

Our second mission enables conception in space inside an embryo incubator that we redesign for application in space. We therefore include adjustable artificial gravity technology and automated vitrification. A scope inside the life support system monitors individual embryo development and we optimise the incubator for mass, volume and energy consumption.

Mission Cradle

For our third mission we are initially focussing on equipment that helps to process gravity peaks and follow developments in space transport vehicles with low G-profiles. E.g. the SNC Dream Chaser is already soon providing transportation under 3G. The upcoming space tourism sector will further encourage the industry to develop low G means of transportation.