Our mission to enable human reproduction in space is built upon three core pillars / key values:

PROTECTING:     We owe it to our children

SpaceBorn United wants all children (and their future generations) to have a carefree and healthy life. Leading experts warn us that life on earth may face some major changes in the future. Asteroid collisions, super volcano eruptions, global warming and lack of fresh drinking water may lead to an inhabitable earth in as soon as a hundred years. Organizations like SpaceX and NASA are researching feasable backup plans: colonizing other planets like Mars. SpaceBorn United aims to contribute to this plan by researching and enabling human reproduction in space.

UNITING:     Therefore we must unite

We believe in a world where differences are celebrated and opportunities are shared. However, chances in life are often divided unequally and determined by place of birth. Therefore we support trends like fair trade products that contribute to righteously divided wealth, education, health and innovation. The SpaceLife mission is an historical step to be taken together, connecting and uniting all of mankind. Reminding us of our mutual responsibility of passing on this planet and life expectations to future generations.

TRANSCENDING:     Taking the next step in our evolution

Nature has always inspired people to explore new worlds. In these journeys innovation brought huge benefits to humanity. In today’s changing world we keep pushing the boundaries of our imagination and subsequent technological progress. SpaceLife Origin aims to push mankind beyond the next frontier. Showing future generations they can transcend the past and the present. We can only imagine what dreams it might awaken.