Alignment with research roadmaps

We follow the research roadmaps towards reproduction in space, as they are recommended and published in scientific journals by our research partners. The learning process towards human reproduction beyond Earth involves many steps that include challenges in both medical, ethical, astrobiological, technical and legal areas. Together with subject matter experts in these domains we explore and address these challenges in a step by step approach.

Monitoring trends

SpaceBorn United operates in a changing environment that provides opportunities and threats. To address these developments, our research includes monitoring developments  relevant to our long term strategy. This includes shielding technology (radiation protection), regulation and legislation, cost reductions in the space sector, uncontrolled space conceptions (space tourism sector risk), embryo health improvement, artificial wombs (future deep space exploration), genome editing (CRISPR-Cas technology, improving e.g. radiation resistance), ethical debates and values.

On Earth spin off

Our research efforts are primarily focussed on exploring applications beyond Earth. Simultaneously this research results are expected to provide valuable results for on Earth sectors. E.g. researching radiation protection applications and improvements is expected to result in benefits for oncology applications. And research towards re-engineering and optimizing IVF technology (embryo incubators and vitrification) is expected to result in improvement for on Earth IVF applications.

Obstructions for large organizations

Research (2016, supervised by NASA) explains that addressing the need and required research concerning human reproduction in space is very difficult for the leading organizations like NASA, ESA or SpaceX. Research efforts are obstructed by strong political and economical factors and require an independent and focussed enterprise. The involved lead researcher confirms that SpaceBorn United is well positioned to address the reproduction research effectively.