Team & Advisors

Dr. Egbert Edelbroek

CEO & Founder

Dr. Steve Behram

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Janienke Sturm

Innovation & Psychology

Prof. David Cullen

Space Biotechnology

Dr. Hilde Stenuit

Astro- & Solar-Physics Expert

Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek

Ethics in Technology

Prof. Dr. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne

Legal Expert / IP Lawyer

Sharon D’souza MSc

IVF in space researcher

Ir. Adri Kraa

Health & Business Innovation

Dr. Hans Westphal

Embryologist / IVF expert

Junaid Mian RPh

Space tech investor / advisor

Dr. Alexander Layendecker

Reproduction in space expert

Drs. Mathilde Kuijpers

Fertility doctor / advisor

Dr. Rafael Elias Marques

Biologist, space reproduction

Dr. Angelo Vermeulen

Advanced Space Concepts Research

Additional subject matter experts

Besides these advisors SpaceBorn United is supported by an international group of 60 subject matter experts in from space technological, biomedical, ethical and legal domains.

See also University & Industry support. More details and names will be disclosed in a later stage.