University & Industry support

SpaceBorn United has entered in partnerships with universities and leading suppliers from the space technology and medical sector.

Paragon Space Development Corporation

Experts in designing and developing satellite payloads, thermo controls and life support systems in space.

Space Application Services

Experts in developing and controlling interface platforms for various applications onboard spacecraft and space stations.

US Launch Systems provider

Experts in developing rockets and providing launch facilities for small satellites into orbit with various small launch vehicles.

European nuclear research institute

A large research center in Europe provides experts and facilities in space life sciences, radiation protection and astrobiology.

Biomedical engineering group

A specialised Dutch engineering group with experts in designing and innovating automated biomedical equipment, prototype testing with an engineering partner network.

Space tourism and reproduction research

We consult experts researching human reproduction in space and contribute to recommended research roadmaps towards this goal.

University support

At Cranfield University (UK) Prof. D. Cullen is currently supervising a group of 11 graduation MsC students exploring and addressing technical, biomedical challenges related to our missions program.  The Astronautics and Space Engineering students are designing key areas of the Ark and Lotus missions (satellite construction, payload design, orbit selection, launch providers and retrieval approach). We are currently in negotiations with Universities from The Netherlands, Russia and India about similar collaborations.  


Further details about these and other supporting companies/ institutes will be disclosed shortly.